ANT issues during compiling an extension

I’m an ANT noob, and I need an help to understand right way to integrate a library into an extension.
Speaking with Crashlytics support, they expect in my apk lib folder compare a .so lib after building. But this .so lib is not there and I’m almost sure there’s something wrong in extension ant configuration part.

Here you can find the only help they give me to compile with ant.

  1. I’ve dowload the libs
  2. I’ve put the requested import into extension build.xml (<import file="fabric/crashlytics_build.xml"/>)
  3. Make Java changes
  4. Do not understand how request of “ant crashlytics-onboard” command can impact on OpenFL ant compile procedure
  5. I’ve put properties showed in Fabric,properties into extension (NOT sure about accurancy of this passage)
  6. As 4 i don’t understand how request of “ant crashlytics-symbols” command can impact on OpenFL ant compile procedure

Hope someone can help because, in my opinion, crashlytics can be a good added value to OpenFL.
I’m working on extension produced some months ago that lacks support for Android crashes, iOS seems works well.

Thanks in advance,

Ant is no longer supported; use the Gradle version instead.

To set up your build.gradle file, start by making a copy of this. Put the copy somewhere in your project, follow Fabric’s instructions, and then add this line to your project file:

<template path="path/to/build.gradle" rename="app/build.gradle" />

I’m stuck to lime 2.9.1 openfl 3.6.1. Is gradle supported?
Thanks, David.

Ah, that explains it.

Gradle support wasn’t released until Lime 3.1.0, but I first implemented it for Lime 2.9.1. I went back and dug up the commit in question, and you can find it here.

I’m sure you could make this work with Ant as well, but I don’t know Ant well enough to tell you how.