Androidview and iosview

NME support both of this targets but not OpenFL.
Is it planned ?



I am not sure how much demand there is for this feature, however, I think that Lime should be fairly flexible, were to want to support this alongside the full application approach many people use today.

Lime is going in the direction of using SDL2 for both iOS and Android in addition to the desktop. This should help improve quality while reducing the maintenance overhead for the project. I am not going to guess that SDL2’s iOS or Android support works in this way, but it could be possible to do without SDL.

What is the use case?

My goal is to produce a component or a library, not an application.

I want to use it in java applications or obective-c, and communicate with it

All this is already possible with NME. It would be great if OpenFL could do it.

My use case is an image editor component.