[Android] Working extensions for ads (admob, chartboost,...)

I’ve been using these extensions for android ads:
samcodes-admob and samcodes-chartboost
they worked perfectly until some days ago,
they just stopped working…
samcodes-admob shows intertitials but is not showing banners
and the samcodes-chartboost is not showing interstitial or video-ads

(i also tried openfl-admob but it shows interstitials but no banners)

i’m using openfl [3.1.4] and lime [2.5.0]

Anybody else is having these problems, or can recommend any other extension that works right now?
(if so, please let me know which openfl/lime version are you using please?)

If you didn’t update extensions, lime or openf, i think that problem is not in extensions. I have used openfl-admob and noticed that sometimes it doesn’t show banners. But after awhile this passes.

are you able to compile a project right now and get banners?
(projects compiled before still work)

Now only interstitial ads are shown. Banners aren’t

Me neither… i wonder if banners are disabled by google? that seems unlikely

Hi i want to ask which extensions and googleplay services and payments are using with :

haxe 3.4.4
lime 6.0.1
openfl 7.0.0