[Android] - System.exit called from art tag

From my app there’s a call to System.exit called by a PID not used from app before. With those premise is near impossible, considering also the strage log behaviorof android you can read here, to find which part of code cause this call.

05-13 19:05:32.025 20729 20761 I art     : System.exit called, status: 0: redevogames.redmption.tcg

Is there a way to find where System.exit is called?
Thanks in advance.

Also find this log, called not from main/woriking thread. Someone known something about it?

05-14 19:43:01.445  7707  7740 E Exception: Null Function Pointer: redevogames.redmption.tcg

Thanks again.

Until the latest version, we called System.exit when the user presses the back button (unless you cancel the default) in order to force exit the application, so you have a clean restart when resuming. This is normal and expected.

The most recent Lime release removes this call, but we may need to add it back in to make things work properly