Android: Switching app to background and foreground crashes the app


short question. Our game runs quite well on Android. But what I can see is that it crashes if switching app from foreground to background and back to foreground the app always crashes.

Any ideas how to collaborate on this?

Many thanx and

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Do you know what OS version it crashes on? There used to be issues with SDL crashing in this way but I thought it was resolved in the newer versions

Does the application handle suspend and resume? I think native extensions, timers and game logic could sometimes have trouble with this (though minimize and restore on the desktop reproduces most of that behavior)

Hi, its Android 8.1.0. I can also check if some of our logic is crashing. But if I am remembering right, I already did that. Hmm.

We do not yet have special handling for suspend and resume.

Would it be possible to see if another OpenFL application (such as the OpenFL samples) crashes in the same way on your devices?

Hi, yes. Will try soon.

I just tested and confirmed that basic samples are working fine in this regard – at least on my Android 6 testing device

I’ll probably need to get a newer device around here to test as well