Android Studio Import

Hi all! I’m looking to do some debugging/profiling of my openfl app in android. I assume importing the exports/bin/bin folder into Android Studio would probably be the simplest way to get a profiler/debugger hooked in.

Has anyone here had any experience hooking up a debugger and/or profiler to android openfl code, or getting the project imported into an IDE that has a debugger/profiler?


I’ve never used Android Studio myself, but here are some details I found:

  • It uses Gradle to build, while OpenFL uses ANT. The build may still work if you configure it correctly.
  • As of version 1.3, Android Studio has experimental C++ integration.
  • By the time export/android/bin is generated, your C++ code has already been compiled. (The compiled file is libs/armeabi/, for the record.) Unless you compiled with the correct debug flags set, Android Studio won’t be able to debug your code. I have no idea which debug flags are the “correct” ones here.

By the way, HXCPP includes ways to debug and profile your code. Maybe try those first?
Also, here’s a better debugger and a better profiler in case HXCPP’s built-in versions aren’t good enough or don’t work on Android.