Android - select target arch

Hi, I got a question about building for specified android architecture. I got newest ndk, and it came with 6 architectures. When I rebuild lime, i got ndll’s for every one of them, but then, when compiling for android, I got apk just for x86 arch. Is there a switch for selecting target arch for e.g. arm7? I couldn,t find one. And what is default android lime target arch (from non-dev version)?
I also got a question for android development with Eclipse and ant - if someone could help me on this subject e.g. on priv message, I will be thankful (aww, English language :smiley: ).
Thanks, Ret

I think we default to arm7 or arm7 + arm64 by default, unless you use the -emulator switch. It’s also possible to use architecture tags in XML to add or remove architectures in your build

Hmm, in project.xml?

Yep, scroll down to <architecture /> here

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Thank You!
Best regards, Ret