Android platform, remotely load SWF resources

Is there a way to let me download the server’s SWF resources locally? So that I no longer need direct network access next time.

This could be possible, but isn’t yet supported officially.

The SWF is processed into a directory of files. You can load the path to the directory, and the project can load the manifest then walk through and discover what other file paths it needs to complete the library.

First, it would be necessary to know all the file paths needed, then to download them individually to the Android file system. Then it would be possible to load from disk.

Some combination of the “pak” asset library system, and the SWF library system, could yield single-file SWF-based libraries, which would be easier to download, store and load later. This is do-able, but not done in the tools right now

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Thanks, I found the libraryType property, I modified it to inherit the custom SWFLiteLibrary class, and then implemented in this custom class to download the resources, and then cache the local processing.

Looking forward to OpenFl support for swf-pak!

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