Android OpenGL rendering problems with latest update

After updating to the latest version of OpenFL and Lime there is an issue with rendering on android. If I build the project without legacy or hybrid the screen is black on android, but if I look at the preview of the app in the recent apps it looks as it should. If I build the project as hybrid it looks a little better, but the OpenGL background color shows up as black even if I set it to something else, and the display has dots on it like it is using a lower DPI or something. If I build the project in legacy mode everything looks good. Also, everything is fine on windows regardless of how I build the application. I tried the simple OpenGL view demo to make sure it isn’t just a problem with my code and the same thing happens with it. I have attached a few screenshots showing the issues I am having.

I am seeing similar issues on Android in the latest (3.0.3) release. Everything is on Tilesheets and rendered with drawTiles commands.

Without compilation flags, non-transparent areas of sprites come out as outlines only, with a transparent infill. Semi-transparent areas seem to be rendered properly. It’s also slow and stutters a lot.

With -Dhybrid, the images are rendered properly, but moving objects keep reappearing momentarily in previous positions they have occupied. It’s also slow and stutters a lot.

With -Dlegacy, it renders properly and runs smoothly.

The same code works on Linux, very smoothly with -Dlegacy or without flags, and it’s a bit jittery with -Dhybrid. None of the modes on Linux exhibit any of the rendering problems which are visible on Android.

I’ll have to depend entirely on -Dlegacy for now, at least for the Android target.