Android not loading after splash screen

My game received a bad review because it seemed not to load after the splash screen. I am sure it works perfectly in most of the devices but I would like to know if someone else had this problem and what to do in that case.
As far as I have seen sometimes it doesn’t work if Google play Services are not updated, but I am not sure if that is the main reason for that behaviour.

The device which seemed to have an issue is a Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro with Android SDK 28

The game uses:

  • Haxe 4.1.4
  • Actuate 1.8.9
  • hxcpp 4.2.1
  • openfl 9.0.2
  • lime 7.8.0
  • stablexui 1.2.4
  • zame-particles 1.3.0


  • NDK r15c
  • JDK1.8.0_231
  • Google Ads 19.3.0
  • Google Play Games Services 19.0.0
  • Google Play Auth Services 19.0.0

Thanks in advance

Games asks to install Googl Play Games and there is no way to skip.
As far as I remember, other games allow to play without GPG.

Thanks @pozirk , I will have a look if that is the reason :slight_smile: