Android NDK Version


Which release should I be using? openfl setup android installed r8b, but r11c is available:

Android NDK r11c

Should I be using r11c for openfl-next?

I have some things that don’t work properly with openfl-next that work on legacy build, like fonts. I use svg and it renders better on next, so I’d like to use it, but the font problem is holding me up unless I use legacy, and svg rendering is poor with legacy.

<!-- project.xml -->
<assets path="assets/fonts" rename="fonts" include="*.ttf" />

// in my class
var font = Assets.getFont ("fonts/BradBunR.ttf");
var pageFormat = new TextFormat (font.fontName, 60, 0xFFFF00);
var pageText = new TextField();

pageText.defaultTextFormat = pageFormat;
pageText.embedFonts = true;
pageText.text = "some text";
pageText.selectable = false;


// ...

This works on flash (legacy or next) and android with legacy only. With openfl-next I get times (default) font but size and color are correct. I also tried using the PiratePig examples font, but the same problem.

I’m using Windows 7
Haxe 3.2.1
actuate: [1.8.6]
box2d: [1.2.3]
format: [3.2.1]
hxcpp: [3.2.205]
layout: [1.2.1]
lime-samples: [2.6.0]
lime-tools: [1.5.7]
lime: [2.9.1]
openfl-samples: [3.3.1]
openfl: [3.6.1]
svg: [1.0.9]
swf: [2.2.0]


EDIT: Yes. My assets folder is in fact lowercase :slight_smile: so that’s not the problem

I’ve found that 8b is fine for building your own apps. The only time I’ve had to upgrade is when rebuilding Lime itself. Then it complained about not understanding some compile flags. The latest NDK seem to work fine too with my limited testing so I guess it’s up to you which you use.

thanks bubba_169.

I’ve just started with OpenFL and I’m a bit confused with all the different tools and versions. I had a go with NME a few years ago and just recently got back into this programming thing. I had an old app that was written in NME, the old OpenFL I guess, and got it to mostly work with OpenFL. My biggest issues right now are with the fonts and sound, if I don’t use <set name="openfl-legacy" />.

Targeting Android, it looks to me that the legacy build performs more like the old NME, although the apk is much larger. The sound works with or without legacy but seems better with legacy. Using the svg lib for rendering inkscape svg’s, (saved as plain svg), has issues on legacy but looks great with openfl next, at least as far as I’ve been able to test.

Is there a way to use the libraries that makes svg work so well with next, but still use the legacy tag? Is there a different SVG.hx or other related file(s) I can use? Where and how would I get them?

I’m not the strongest of programmers, I learn as I go with what I can find online. This is a challenge for me, but I like it.