[Android] Is there any settings for оld mobiles?

I did some tests with old mobile phone using Android 7.1 and may game freeze and stop respond many times.
In the log have many rows with the following errors :

SurfaceView - ...MainActivity] dequeueBuffer : BufferQueue has no connected producer

void _egl_paltform_dequeue_buffer(egl_surface*):1618 : failed to dequeue buffer from native window(0x4c3d7008); err = -19 , buf = 0x0 , max_allowed_dequeued_buffer 3

I will try again with different phone / or tablet/ , but is it possible to set some settings in project.xml to optimize ( to use GPU at example, if not) for old phones ?

On the new phone ( with Android 9) everything works perfectly.

I haven’t seen this one!

I recently tested OpenFL on Android 5 and it was working okay

Maybe my phone is too old or Android 7.1.1 have some bugs with openGL buffers or maybe will works with API 9 ( at example). Hard to say.
I couldn’t find the problem, so I will hope to works ok on the most phones. Same app using Actionscript 3 + AIR run smoothly on the same phone.

Just for info, this was the error which repeat the most.

[EGL-ERROR]: void __egl_platform_dequeue_buffer(egl_surface*):1618: failed to dequeue buffer from native window (0x4e124808); err = -38, buf = 0x0,max_allowed_dequeued_buffers 3
  2007  2055 E BufferQueueProducer: [SurfaceView - air.com.lenogames.mainMobile/air.com.lenogames.mainMobile.MainActivity] dequeueBuffer: attempting to exceed the max dequeued buffer count (3)

I wonder if it has something to do with the settings for the window

Perhaps using <window color-depth="16" /> would help?

I tried with <window color-depth="16" /> , but nothing change. I’ll leave it.

i tested an openfl app on a very low-price device before. it loaded faster at starting up and run more smoothly than air app(stage 3d, atf tex).