Android input text fields

I’ve had an end user claim that on her Motorola Moto X 2nd gen, trying to enter her name in one of my input text fields bounced her out of the screen and she was forced to use the default name. I myself have never seen this happen on my own test android machine using this app (a Galaxy 10.1), but was wondering if anyone knew of general input text issues on the Android platform.

What does she mean when she says it “bounced her out of the screen”? It could just be that the app crashed, in which case you should try to get a stack trace.

I think it was a Google keyboard issue. I now have another complaint from a tester who bought a new Samsung Galaxy tablet and the virtual keyboard acts wonky, some characters not appearing while others do. He doesn’t have this issue when he tries it on his iPhone.

Is OpenFL known for problems with different virtual android keyboards or something? I could have sworn I saw at least one bug report about this from someone else.

Accents doesn’t work at all on Android input TextFields.
I found this extension to add real native input :

And I corrected it a little bit in a fork (only the Android part, I don’t know how to do on IOS) to add fonts, alpha and better placeholder. I used it recently on a project and it works, it’s far from perfect. I would have prefered a proper TextField but…

The goal is to use SDL2 in the future on the Android target, this is currently working in development builds for Lime and OpenFL “next”, in SDL2 we’ll use SDL text input events and handle this properly. Otherwise, a patch is welcome, it’s just a complicated issue. Thanks for sharing

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I’m testing on a Samsung Galaxy S2 and only special characters (e.g. &*^%%$) show up on the textField. All other characters are ignored.

What versions are you using? Are you using -Dlegacy?