[Android] HexFill Puzzle game

Hello all,

Just wanted to share with you my first complete game made with pure Openfl, It is called HexFill and is a simple Puzzle game.
The goal is simple: You have to color all tiles of a grid by moving a pawn in one of the 6 possible directions. First levels are quite easy but if you can pass levels 20-25 you are really brainy/persevering and past level 30 you are probably a genius/autistic :wink:
The game also contains a level editor, that is available when you succeed all official levels (I couldn’t make it available from start to avoid cheat…) so you can keep playing if you succeed all official levels (which I doubt :wink: ) and enjoy the game

I am open to feedback and advices.

The link (it is currently only available on android):

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tbdlab.hexfill

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