Android Expansion file - obb

Has anyone made an obb expansion file for their project? I really require this. Mainly what is needed is that if I put all the projects art assets in obb ( which are swfs) than what should be project.xml entry as well as what will be the corresponding code of it.

There’s more details here:

It would be nice if there would be a way for some of this to become more automatic through the tools, I haven’t used an OBB file myself, personally

I just made an extension for this!

@thomasuster, so does this work with swfs also? Meaning can I have swfs in obb and use them in the code?

We try to work with your extension… it’s not easy :stuck_out_tongue:
But why you use NME and not OpenFL ?

That’s to bad, did you follow the readme?

I added support for text and bitmaps, sounds are easy to add support for. If you can load a swf from a byteArray then just send me a pull request with a method called getSwf in ExpansionReader.


    public function getBitmapData(id:String):BitmapData {
        return BitmapData.loadFromBytes(getByteArray(id));

    public function getText(id:String):String {
        return Std.string(getByteArray(id));

For reasons why I use NME ask me on twitter or gitter. @thomasuster or