Android emulator inverted colors

I’ve built my game for android x86 and tried it on emulator, cause I don’t have actual device.
I’ve got all the color inverted and don’t know, if it’s emulator thing(all other apps’ colors are fine) or something with my game.
Here is screenshot of emulator vs normal image.
Did anyone have similar problems?

It’s only on the emulator.

We use BGRA premultiplied textures on native, and most all devices support the OpenGL extension for BGRA texture support – except the Android emulator. This hasn’t been a high priority, but I’d love to see a fix.

I think there’s a fix here for HTML5:

Perhaps that logic could be used on other platforms as well, to double check that __supportsBGRA is true before we allow a BGRA texture? (like adding it to this if statement below:

Ah good!
Thank you for explanation.

If you test out and have a fix on your end, please let me know and we can merge it in :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll try… :slight_smile:

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