Android Emulator (AVD) Black Screen with OpenFl-Demos


I tried some OpenFl-Demos with the Android-Emulator. This demos working fine on my real Android-Tablet, but with the emulator I got only a blank screen with the navigation bar. The funny is, with HaxeFlixel the splash screen comes up, but after that I got the same blank screen.
I used Android 4.1.2 and 4.4.2, ARM as CPU/ABI, 1024 Ram, 64 Heap and with and without “Use host CPU”.
Any suggestions to get it work?

Are these GPU-accelerated emulators?

Yes, it should use die GPU from the host system with “Use host GPU” checked and support OpenGL.

Hmm, if you do a -debug build, do you get any error output back?

I get this Error with unchecked “Use host GPU”:

E/libEGL ( 1160): called unimplemented OpenGL ES API

and this with “Use host GPU” activated:
E/NME ( 1053): GL Error: 1281 7x9

I’m getting the same “E/NME ( 1053): GL Error: 1281 7x9” on the first frames of my app, and it has to do with the FPS class (openfl.display.FPS). If you are using it, try not to, to see if that is the cause of the 1281 error.
I’m just saying because it may have nothing to do with the real problem you have with the blank screen.