Android dependencies

Hey guys,

I’m working on an android app just with lime. But now i’m adding Facebook login, Google login, IAP, Push etc.

So i added Since i only use lime, i had to modify the hx code. It works, but it is pretty old.

Then i tried to create my own extension, ‘lime create extension’, register as dev, rebuild, completely empty. When i add this as a haxelib, the android builds breaks with this horrible ‘ java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: Multiple dex files define Landroid/support/v4/app/INotificationSideChannel;’

I really have more problems like that, but i tried to break it down in a smaller case. Why is this happening, what can i do?

I’m not sure where the problem (is maybe spme lib in the gradle config ? ) , but about new extension for facebook you can check here ( ) (tested only on Android for the moment)

Is the old extension in your output directory? Try deleting your output directory (or doing a clean build) to make sure you have only one extension present at the time of the Java build

My bad, i already added compile ' to the new extensions build.gradle file.
That makes more sense, but it is still a problem. What is the state of the art way to handle this? I tried to exclude the gms stuff in the facebook extension, but no luck.
Now i’m think of hacking all in the main gradle file, but that feels wrong.

The flash ultra extension seems to use webviews, but i have to use the facebook android sdk :frowning: