Android compilation failing for SDK 22 [solved]

[UPDATE: I finally resolved this; the problem was specifying the target SDK as 22 rather than the minimum SDK.]

When I compile for Android SDK 28 everything works as expected.

When I try to compile for Android SDK 22 I get a bunch of SDL-related “cannot find symbol” errors and the following:

Execution failed for task ‘:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’.

My configuration:

  • haxe 4.2.5
  • lime 8.0.0
  • openfl 9.2.0
  • java 1.8.0_311
  • androidNDK r21e

My understanding is that current Android support includes Android SDK 22 and higher. Is someone wrong with my combination of configurations?

Update: Looking further into it, it seems to be unable to find a bunch of symbols in SDL-related files. For example:

/{path to project}/Export/android/bin/app/src/main/java/org/libsdl/app/ error: cannot find symbol
    protected static Hashtable<Integer, PointerIcon> mCursors;
  symbol:   class PointerIcon
  location: class SDLActivity

Any advice? I’m really stumped here.

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