[android] Can't open txt file to READ on android!

Hi every one! I’m trying to READ txt file. There is code:
using sys.io.File

cat_text = new TextField ();
cat_textf = new TextFormat( "Arial", 35, 0xff0000);
cat_text.defaultTextFormat = cat_textf;
cat_text.autoSize = LEFT;
cat_text.text = readLine('words/lol.txt', 0);

cat_text.x = 100;
cat_text.y = 100;

and readLine function

public function readLine(fileName, lineNumber) 
	var fin = sys.io.File.read(fileName, false);
	try {
   		for (i in 0...lineNumber)
        	line = fin.readLine();
	catch (e:haxe.io.Eof) { return null; }

return line;

and it works fine when I’m build it on mac. But it crushes on android with

I/trace   (13097): Lib.hx:348: [file_open,words/lol.txt]

I spended 3 days to find a mistake. So I made a conclusion, that readLine command looking for lol.txt in wrong place!

android permission="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/

is there too!

Please help! I really can’t sleep. I rooted my android. And I think I’m so close to solve this issue!

This is what I do for reading and splitting txt

    > var text_file= Assets.getText("assets/words.txt");

Probably the system io reading libs are not allowed on Android.

Wow, if the system io reading libs are not allowed on Android, why is there no info about?
Thank you for you’r idea, but in that way I’m losing an ability to read file by line number, witch is strongly needed for me :confused:

well if you split the text the way I do, you will get aan indexable array. However if your file is a big file you might one an optimized strategy.

Yes, already realized it. It’s a bit greedy way. I don’t really like it, but if there nothing i can do…
Thank you werry much.