Android Build Problem

Hi, I’m new to OpenFL . I’m on Windows x64 trying to build OpenFL to Android. I’m using Android NDK r10d, JDK 1.8.40 , Android SDK 21.
However, the build process stopped :

/lib/gcc/arm-linux-androideabi/4.6/libgcc.a" "D:\DEV SDK\android-ndk-r10d/platfo
rms/android-9/arch-arm/usr/lib/" "D:\DEV SDK\android-ndk-r10d/platforms/a
ndroid-9/arch-arm/usr/lib/" -llog -ldl
The system cannot find the path specified. 

What’s going on? Where can I read the openfl build.log file? :frowning:

There may be a problem with the space in “DEV SDK”,

could you try renaming the folder or moving the ndk into a folder without spaces in its name?
(rerun openfl setup android to update the location of the ndk)

Your environment is far too up to date :smile:. OpenFL only officially supports Android API 16, JDK 1.6 and Android NDK r8b. See here for more details This setup will still work with all newer devices AFAIK.

Well as @ibilon suggests, for Java I can resetting the path to 1.6 (I have it installed), I have another Android Platform including API 16. But how can I explicitly tell openfl to use SDK api 16?

By default OpenFL will try to use API 16. As long as it is installed in your SDK you should be fine.

I believe Java 7 should work fine now, the Android tools were broken against Java 7 for a long time, so I tried to guard against it by recommending Java 6 (so you don’t have bizarre, hard to track bugs when code signing)

As for the NDK, part of this (might) just be a matter of improving HXCPP to find the correct paths within the install

Thanks @singmajesty , hehe we’ve already talked via twitter about this :smiley: