Android back button force close ActuateExample

I created simple ActuateExample. When I press hardware back button app minimize and crash :frowning:


openfl: [4.8.1]
lime: [3.7.4]

It’s my fault or lime/openfl issue?

Currently, the back button is supposed to force the application to close. Does it display a visible crash message as a user, or is this only visible from the log? Thanks :slight_smile:

This visible only from log and every time app restarts when lose focus

In that case, this is actually expected.

In the past, closing an application and returning would result in a “half resumed” state, where the application code, SDL code and Java code were not in sync, and it would immediately crash. As a result, we are forcing the process to stop (with the intention of it being hidden from the user) so it will start clean when we return the next time.

Ok. How I can save my game progress data before “crash”? Maybe some event before closing when I can close my files, flush sharedObjects, etc with safety?

Do you get an Event.DEACTIVATE event?