Android APK zip realign

While trying evaluate possible ways to reduce the space required by openfl APKs on target devices I came across this piece of code

The documentation states “Command line tool used to build APKs which support loading the native code library directly from the APK file.”

My question is, is something like this already in place when building APKs with openfl, i.e. are native libraries already loaded directly from the APK without unpacking?

If not, would it make sense to implement something like this for the openfl android buildchain?

I am pretty sure that the standard Android build process does zip alignment as one of the steps, but I could be wrong. We do use libraries from the APK without doing a manual copy to somewhere else on a device, but I am not sure what the operating system chooses to do

By default Android will unpack native libraries into /data/data/package_name/lib
You should write special code if you want to load native libs directly from APK.
As far as I know OpenFL did’t contain any special code.

But real question is why you want to reduce the space required by openfl APKs on target devices?
I’m sure there is really good reason why Android unpack native libs by default.

Thanks for the info.