Alternative to Patreon to support OpenFL

Totally unrelated to Armory, Patreon makes me sick. I need proper invoices or receipts for my company but Patreon is bad at it (sometimes wrong values or missing vat, everything in the body of the html instead of a clean pdf, and when I ask an invoice, they answered that I can do it myself…). Come on ! It should be automated on those platforms! So I stopped my support on Patreon, and I would like to know if there is any alternative?

We’ve considered other alternatives, but it would have cost an extra 5% in overhead ( so I want to hear from you guys. We could open support for one-time donations on PayPal, but I’m not sure how invoicing/VAT would work there? Unfortunately we also would need to create sponsor badges or other integrations manually


we also need to have invoices / receipts for our expenses on OpenFL (we are based in Germany). I just print the monthly email. This would not be enough to hold the standards for a German invoice, but our tax accountant says there is some flexibility regarding international receipts as there are different standards. I.e. for us this is good enough.

Kind regards