Alternative to 'filters'?

It’s probably common knowledge at this point that the built-in flash filters have questionable performance on other targets (particularly mobile in my experience).

Are there any viable alternatives? At the moment really all I need is a valid substitute for the glow filter to create small, austere outlines around my characters.

The glow filter is fine if my target does not move (such as text fields), but moving objects with filters cut the fps drastically.

I’m also aware that a shader system is in the works with OpenFL next, but I don’t want to bank on that just yet (I don’t know when it will be released, and I may experience migration issues)

You can bake the glowfilter using the bitmapData.applyFilter() method and use this bitmapData later to draw the baked tiles. Other than that, you might have to wait for the new shader system. I would really love to make my own filter when that feature comes out.

did not know about that, thank you!

was able to get this working with my spritesheet-based characters.
it poses a bit of a problem for my mult-piece characters that are built on the fly.
I’d have to pre-bake each animation frame of theirs, THEN bake the frames with the filter in place.
a pretty big undertaking (based on how my game is set up), but at least good to know it’s possible.

Umm, I think when you are packing your spritesheet, you can try to make each frame a little further apart from each other, by a distant equal to the thickness of the outline you want to bake. Then you can bake the entire tile sheet bitmap data once and the outlines will be inside the margins. I am not sure about the exact way your animation works but, at least a little thought on that :smiley: