Alpha = 1 causes small halt in execution under .swf

No matter it be .alpha = 1 or Actuate set alpha value to 1, if an .swf is playing in the foreground and a background bitmap is set to alpha=1 it makes the .swf pause a little longer. Same thing doesn’t happen with removeChild manipulation on the way out.
This is of course using Flash output where a background is overlaped by a transition .swf and at its middle point new content already loaded to the background/under layer is set to alpha=1 so that is shows up when the foreground transition ends.

Is there a “faster” way to set alpha ?

If you are tweening between 0 and 1, Actuate uses “autoVisible” true by default, which sets visible = false when it reaches alpha == 0. This improves performance (because the object is not rendered) but if you want you could use .autoVisible (false) to allow it to be set to alpha = 0; without changing visible, which might return to alpha > 0 faster?

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I see. Going to try the .autoVisible path.
Going to see if it propagates the condition to all Child objects added to it or if it needs one per layer.