All-in-One Solitaire (Windows Store)


Hello everyone!

Finally I was able to release my first OpenFL Windows 10 game (Universal App).
It took me around 3 days to overcome all the obstacles (UWP not yet supported by OpenFL, right? :laughing:) and make it to Windows Store… :crazy_face:
Anyone with Windows 10 interested in testing it?
As for now only paid version available, as implementing Microsoft Ads still on my list, but game comes with 7 days free trial.
Would like to hear some feedback on how it works on other systems, except my own.
You can try the game here:


Did you use HTML5, or C++ to release for UWP?


I used HTML5.

Actually, some problems, I faced, that might be fixed:

  1. Visual Studio doesn’t really allow inline javascript in html, so I had to move all the scripts (2 of them) from index.html to a separate .js file. Maybe it can be done by OpenFL.

  2. .js files made by OpenFL, like “FileSaver.min.js” etc. had incorrect encoding, VS requires UTF-8 with BOM, and they were without. Easy to fix here .:slight_smile:

  3. HTML5 opens links with (url, target); in System.hx, in UWP it opens another app window (instead of browser tab), which has strange behavior. I had to change that to Windows.System.Launcher.launchUriAsync(new Windows.Foundation.Uri(url)); manually in .js file.

  4. While launching app in VS, I also get a warning, text seems to work fine though:
    [lime.text.Font] WARNING: Could not load web font "Arial"