All images are black in android


I’ve tried to display a image on my phone(Optimus G), but all images turn into black.
I’m currently using OpenFL 3.0.3, but on 2.2.8 everything was normal.
Any idea?

I can verify this occurs for me as well, although transparency is preserved with PNGs. (Nexus 5)

do you compile with -Dlegacy ?

just openfl test android -debug.

(works for me with <set name="openfl-legacy" /> )

I finally tried my game on the Android platform and I can confirm this problem even with legacy mode set. Transparency is kept, but all colour turns to black. Maybe @singmajesty knows about something xD

Getting exactly the same bug… the edges of images which have partial transparency render correctly, as do the parts with full transparency. Anything with no transparency at all renders as solid black.

Tracking it here: