AIR target parameters


When I target AIR with openFl, how can I change the window’s name (default = “Lime application”)?

A second AIR target question: is it possible to assign values to minSize and MaxSize parameters in application.xml file (by default, these are in a comments section)?

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Failing to populate the proper title from your project.xml is a bug in Lime. A fix will be available in Lime 8.1.

In the meantime, you should be able to set stage.nativeWindow.title manually after your app starts up.

Using the <template> tag in your project.xml, you can provide a custom templates/air/template/application.xml file. Basically, copy the file from Lime into your project with the same directory structure, and modify the minSize and maxSize elements.

I haven’t created an example of customizing the AIR application.xml template specifically, but I do have a couple of other examples of customizing templates from Lime that should give you an idea of how to do it:

Alternatively, similar to the previous question, stage.nativeWindow.minSize and stage.nativeWindow.maxSize can be set manually after your application starts up.

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I ended up having a few moments to put together a sample OpenFL project with a custom application.xml file for Adobe AIR:

It’s a minimal version of application.xml, so most of the project.xml values are ignored. That’s probably not what most people will want, and it’s only for demonstration purposes. You’ll probably want to base yours on the original template, which is available here:


Hi Josh, it works. Thanks! :slight_smile: