Advertising for profits and IAPs?

greetings all,

so im doing some more research whilst im learning HAXE and OPENFL. gotta say, im totally converted. leaving behind everything else in return to use just this :wink:

now please dont let the title mislead, im not a person that does IAPs or think you should spend money to get 3 lives, no. but this is something that lives in the world today. advertising in games which help generate income for people. then you have the IAP, i personally dont like how some use it, because it puts a bad taste on games. but for things like a editor, or a level pack, i dont mind so much.

but how can, or can HAXE/OPENFL deal with IAP transfers and also advertising?

now i myself do have a game online, its free, and does use unity ads. its alright, easy to implement. you can check my game with the link below :wink: its not made with HAXE/OPENFL, but im actually working on an update that does :wink: as said, im converted :wink:
but am just curious about this. as said, IAPs and advertising is one way devs can now make money from the hard work put in. so am just wondering now rather than later on how this can be done.


There are some extensions here:✓&query=extension-

There are others online

Trying to help unify the extension efforts to push into “single best” implementations of all the platform-specific features we all want :slight_smile:

cool spot. ill give that a gander at. thanks :wink:

Hi lewislepton,

Just thought I’d let you know, we offer a plugin for Open FL- Haxe :slight_smile:

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