Adobe scout not picking up telemetry data

I downloaded Adobe Scout so I could do some profiling on the flash version of my game.

I load the game in the flash debug player, version 19. I also compile with the -advanced-telemetry flag in flashdevelop. I have a telemetry.cfg file setup in my home directory. But Scout still claims there is no telemetry data to be seen.

Do I need to change something else? Does Scout just not work with .swf files generated by openfl?

I am using an older version of openFL (pre next) but I have my SWF haxelib up to date.

Instead of messing with the build command, try adding this in project.xml:

<haxedef name="advanced-telemetry" if="debug" />

(if="debug" is optional, but it may save you from accidentally releasing your telemetry data.)

yep, works now! thanks!