Adobe Animate Component Parameters

Is there any way so access a Component instance’s Parameters in openfl from a swf? I feel like this would be a very powerful tool to leverage. but looking in the exported swf, I’m not seeing the data. It might not be possible without some advanced build scripts. Just wondering if anyone has looked into this?

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Using a SWF decompiler, if you do not see the data, then we will not get it in our SWF parsing we use when processing assets for runtime.

However, Adobe Animate has support for custom plugins, and we have one for OpenFL. That would have access to the full FLA DOM, and (potentially?) expose this information

My jsfl is pretty rusty but I think it would be a worthwhile endeavor. where is the OpenFL plugin?

It’s here:

It’s a full-blown custom platform for Animate, so it is in C++

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