Adding sys support to AIR for database

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So I’ve added a extraParams.hxml file under externs/air that contained:
–macro allowPackage(‘sys’)

should behave like other target defines and not be defined in macro context

–macro define(‘air’)

And copied the sys folder from hxnodejs to be under externs/air
However, I’m still getting:
src/Main.hx:17: characters 8-19 : You cannot access the sys package while targeting flash (for
bin/air/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:272: characters 48-52 : referenced here
Build halted with errors.

I’m imagining that I’ve misunderstood where things need to be. I also put them in the air and flash folders under externs/air, but I didn’t see anything different come from that.

You’re right, the extraParams.hxml didn’t appear to trigger, but I’ve gotten it compiling with some initial stub classes (and an implementation of File.getContent which appears to work fine)

Happy to have your help, feel free to drop in on our Discord chat, too, if you haven’t already: