Add <source/> with openfl command line tool

Hi, maybe I am just tired or something, but I cannot figure out how to use the --source override!

is it not something like: openfl create project myProject --source="/path/to/source" ?
I have also tried without quotation marks without any luck…

bumping so people that can help will hopefully see!

Looking at the source, it should be openfl test flash --source=additional/source/path

I don’t think it would be recognized during the create command. What are you trying to do, here? Add a classpath when creating the project template? Output to a different directory?

Yea, the idea was to make a shell script that adds another default classpath when using the create command,
because I have a folder which has some packages outside of the project folder which I would like to import.
This would allow me to retain the same copy of the packages in many projects. I am not really sure how I would do it otherwise.
Since I am making a shell script I can just add the classpath to the template through some unix utility I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

or perhaps we could do something to improve the project creation code to adapt for injecting extra data into the generated project.xml. It’s not a bad idea :slight_smile:

that would be pretty cool :+1: