Add multiple bools into a define

I need to use a define that checks multiple bools so that I don’t need to type it all the time.
something that using that define would equal to #if (lib >= "1.0.0" && !hl || !sys)

I think you need more parentheses. Either #if (lib >= "1.0.0" && (!hl || !sys)) or #if ((lib >= "1.0.0" && !hl) || !sys).

Oh, so like <define name="Defined" if="#if (lib >= "1.0.0" && (!hl || !sys))" />?

I didn’t realize you were talking about project.xml. No, that’s different. It doesn’t allow parentheses at all, and instead of && it just takes spaces.

<!-- Since there are no parentheses, you can't group (!hl || !sys). -->
<define name="Defined" if="${lib>=1.0.0} !hl || ${lib>=1.0.0} !sys" />

<!-- But you could get around this using both if and unless. -->
<define name="Defined" if="${lib>=1.0.0}" unless="hl sys" />
<define name="Defined" if="!hl || !sys" unless="${lib<1.0.0}" />

<!-- Or using a section. Sections can also help with grouping. -->
<section if="${lib>=1.0.0}">
	<define name="Defined" if="!hl || !sys" />
	<define name="Defined2" if="hl" />