Add FLVPLayback with -swf-lib

Hello there,

I would like to try to use the FLVPlayback component in my openfl project. I think it’s possible to import this class ( using the -swf-lib option of the haxe compiler.

I have two questions:

  • how do I create a swf or swc that I can include in my project to let me import and use the class ?
  • how do I edit my project.xml file to import this swf?

Thank you for you help!

Yep, if you can get it into a SWF (does Flash CC include this component anymore?) then you should be able to -swf-lib it, then you would be able to do something like:


extern class FLVPlayback extends Sprite {

    public function new ();


(and so on)

Something where you basically say “hey, this class is going to exist” and that should let you instantiate or use it from your other code.