Adcolony extension

Hi, I’m trying to use

I’m trying to implement V4VC reward system, I’ve created handler for :
onAdColonyAdAttemptFinished( shown:Bool, notShown:Bool, skipped:Bool, canceled:Bool, noFill:Bool ):Void

but after first call to show ad ( i have button for that) i get:
second click give me

second one I can understand, because ad is not rdy or something, but first one is like skipped, but i did’nt skip anything it’s like instant response.
please help.

Does the test project work?

not rly,
just displaying red screen:

I made haxelib upgrade but it wasn’t any help

on android it’s working. but my code is not. and I have no idea whats wrong.

my handlers class:

class AdcolonyHandlers implements IAdColony {
	public function new(){}
 	public function onAdColonyV4VCReward( success:Bool, name:String, amount:Float ):Void {
	 		Main.traps +=2;
 	public function onAdColonyAdStarted():Void{
	public function onAdColonyAdAttemptFinished( shown:Bool, notShown:Bool, skipped:Bool, canceled:Bool, noFill:Bool ):Void {
		trace('onAdColonyAdAttemptFinished',shown, notShown, skipped, canceled, noFill );
	public function onAdColonyAdAvailabilityChange( available:Bool, name:String ):Void {
		trace('onAdColonyAdAvailabilityChange',available, name);

than i configure plugin:

AdColony.configure( "app62db201a80644ac580", ['vz242fdb43bf0641819a'], new AdcolonyHandlers());

and button:

var adbtn =  new FlxButton(350, 335 , "  show ad  " , function(){

but i get:

also becouse of lack of documentation I’m not sure what is rly important in test project.

test have:

<set name="openfl-legacy" if="android||ios" />

in project.xml it is mandatory to work? becouse with haxeflixel on android aplication stop working just after launch.

also it use templates…not sure what it is or it is important.

a moved template dir to my project and it’s working like a charm, thx :smile:

You should not need legacy to use Android extensions, but if they rely on very specific project templates (for example) then an extension may need legacy until it is updated :slight_smile: