Adaption to screen sizes ... scaling of containers performance with drawTiles

Hi guys, I want to create my bitmap tilesheets dynamically from vector graphics dependent on the screen size of the device.

Now my approach was to have a container sprite that will be scaled. Now when I have a scale of 200% of my base dimensions, I would create my asset tilesheet in 200% and scale the container to 200%.
Now I would have to scale the bitmap assets inside the container down to 50% again.

Now my question is: Will all this scaling inside containers have a negatice effect on performance?

Would it be better to use an approach where I have a global scale value that I use on every single object in drawTiles()

Would be possible to do, but it´ll be easier with containers.

I would do a quick performance test, but it might be the same in OpenGL, canvas or other software implementations might prefer a smaller target draw size, though