Actuate.transform(...).color affects dropshadow filter

First of all sorry my english (i’m brazilian)

When I use Actuate.transform(sprite, 0.5).color(color, 1, 0.9) to change the color of the sprite the color of the drop shadow filter changes also

Original white color with shadow rgb: 40,40,40

So I change to black, after that I change to white again and that’s the result

i’m using flash target

This is the behavior of Flash DropShadowFilter + transform.colorTransform, I believe.

Perhaps you can put your object inside another Sprite, give the parent Sprite the drop shadow, and Actuate.transform the child object. That should keep the drop-shadow and color transform separate

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It’s a problem on the colorTransform.
Adding a sprite on another “solved” the problem.

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