Actuate - shake effect


I’ve come to find actuate quite painful to work with when it comes to more ‘advanced’ animations… I’ve been trying to make a shake method for my sprites(aka not entire screen) but it gets really clunky so I’ve scratch that and was hoping for someone to maybe have a little help-library for such common game animations or an already defined method for it.

If not, are there any other animation-libraries out there that might be a bit more… effective?

Have you tried setting the override parameter to false?

while (i in 0...10) {

    Actuate.tween (screen, 0.1, { x: -100 }, false).delay (i * 0.2);
    Actuate.tween (screen, 0.1, { x: 100 }, false).delay (i * 0.2 + 0.1);