Actuate rounds scale values to Int

I am trying to animate an image moving it back and forth using Actuate like this

private function zoomIN(): Void {
	Actuate.tween (image, 1, { scaleX: 1.5, scaleY: 1.5 } ).ease (Quad.easeInOut).onComplete(zoomOUT);
private function zoomOUT(): Void {
	Actuate.tween (image, 1, { scaleX: 0.5, scaleY: 0.5 } ).ease (Quad.easeInOut).onComplete(zoomIN);

but I noticed that the image scale goes from scale 1 to 0 and back.
Setting scale to 2.5 in zoomIN it goes from scale 2 to 0 and back.
Why does it round the scale values?

This should be fixed in the current dev build of Actuate, or you can wait for a release build if you prefer.

Yes, it fixes the problem, thanks!