Actuate Rotation - { rotation : Float } should be Float


Actuate.tween (loader1, { rotation: 0.2 }).smartRotation();


src/f/p/f/Main.hx:2150: characters 27-44 : { rotation : Float } should be Float
src/f/p/f/Main.hx:2150: characters 27-44 : For function argument ‘duration’

Docs show an integer even:

Actuate.tween (MySprite, 1, { rotation: 180 }).smartRotation ();

I can do the background with video but it is just a bitmap rotating and sizing up a bit, back and forth.
This would be perfect for it but somehow I am not getting what “sort” of Float the function is expecting.

The second argument is time, so how long do you want it to take?

If you wish it be changed immediately, try Actuate.apply which takes no time argument :slight_smile:

Can’t spot’em with my nose glued to the glass. Thanks singmajesty.

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No problem :grinning: