Actuate issues on HTML5

Hi, are there know problems with Actuate running on HTML5 target?
I’m facing a strange problem: while the position and size of the object are correctly transformed, the rotation and alpha are not. These two are immediatelly set on tween call, like this:

Actuate.tween(this, 5, {
    x: newx,
    y: newy, 
    width: newwidth, 
    height: newheight, 
    alpha: newalpha,
    rotation: newrotation

I even tried to run another tween just for the rotation with the “smartRotation”, but also without success:

Actuate.tween(this, 5, { rotation: newrotation }).smartRotation();

Is this a known problem?

Found a workaround: passing the values as Floats instead of Ints. I was setting the new alpha as 1 and the new rotation as 45. Using 1.0 and 45.0 worked just fine. Strange…

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