Actuate alpha=1 doesn't display anything after running function

Was trying to get all children in an array from some parent and came upon some Actuate problem, whatever children get alpha to 0 from inside the function, somehow can get their alpha value to 1 but do not display just the same.
I tried .visible = true for all the children but still just seeing black. Tried to cut it down to the point it behaves weird, meaning; not being able to display stuff though alpha is set to one after running the function…

function fade_children(target:DisplayObjectContainer)
	//function show_children(target:DisplayObjectContainer):Array<DisplayObject>
	//var children:Array<DisplayObject> = [];

	//trace ("NUMBER OF "+target+" CHILDREN : "+target.numChildren);
	for (i in 0... target.numChildren)
			Actuate.tween(target.getChildAt(i), 0.5, {alpha:0}, true);
		//trace ("CHILDREN OF "+target.toString()+" : "+children.length);	
	//return children;

Actuate has an “auto visible” flag that sets visible = false automatically when you tween to alpha 0. You could try disabling this in your tween, and see if it helps it behave like you want?

Actuate.tween (child, 1, { alpha: 0 }).autoVisible (false);