Actual Situation with Android-NDK >r15c

Hello community,

I am currently trying to get OpenFL deployment on Android devices working.

How is the actual situation when I want to use a newer Android-NDK version than r15c?

I am a little bit confused, because I only can find relative old Information via Google.

As far as I understand, there is a modification in hxcpp necessary to support the cmake build system.

Is this already done or still in development? Do I have to install the cmake Package which I can find in sdkmanager --list?

What are the consequences when I want to upload my app to the Google Play Store? Because I read that they will accept apps with API28 target only. Additionally 64 Bit support will be mandatory this year. Is this possible with the current toolchain?

Thank you four your answers in advance!

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Recent progress update (today):

Thank you very much for your hint. Seems that the support for newer Versions than r15c is on its way.

But I still don’t understand if there are some requirements from Google, which NDK Version must be used when you want to publish your app in Play Store. Especially the 64 Bit support. Is this already available?

You can compile 64x version of your app with r15c – Does openfl support 64-bit devices on Android?
You can set required targetSdkVersion which is only related to Java. There is no requirement for APP_PLATFORM value (for NDK).

Thank you again for your answer. This is very helpful for me!