Accidentally broke haxelib?

Trying to build for ios, but updating to High Sierra seriously broke my build process. I think a big part is that the OS moved /usr/lib to /usr/local/lib

Quick reference: I’m trying to build for ios 11/ XC 9. I’m locked at openFL 3.6.1 + lime 2.9.1

For this build I set hxcpp to 3.4.64 and it told me that
“The following build commands failed:
ExternalBuildToolExecution Build\ Haxe”

right above this it also said “This is the first time you are running haxelib, please run haxelib setup first”

I figured this was connected to High Sierra updates. So I ran haxelib setup. I didn’t realize that command was for simply pointing to the haxelib repo. After setting it incorrectly, I made sure to set it back to /usr/local/lib/haxe

but now when I try to use any haxelib command, all I get is:

Called from ? line 1
Uncaught exception - [file_contents,/usr/local/lib/haxe/haxelib//.current]

I can’t seem to run haxelib even if I navigate to the haxe folder and run the executables directly (this may have also contributed to the error I’m receiving?)

Would reinstalling Haxe 3.4.3 or greater help?

Possibly. I’m currently using 3.3.0 rc1
I’m worried about breaking more things, as I tend to not be too suave with the command line (evidenced by what I did above)

Can I re-install that exact same version of haxe? I’m also worried upgrading from 3.3.0 to 3.4.3 would cause more issues.

since the haxelib command itself seems to be broken, what would be the best way to go about doing this?
just re-download from here and try again?

any chance this is going to wipe out my installed extensions, or custom built extensions?

A Haxe reinstall should leave your haxelibs in place, but there may have been changes in Haxe to support /usr/local/lib in addition to updating haxelib, I’m not sure

Side question- Is there any chance you offer help/consultation services at a contract rate? Our team is very small and has deadlines to meet for a new project. Troubleshooting this older game in legacy openFL is killing us and it might be better to have someone who knows the ins and outs of the framework.

Are you on Discord? Contact me with a PM there if you want to chat more

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