Accessing sprites from Canvas via JavaScript directly?

How would I access sprites in HTML5 Canvas directly from JavaScript? I need to access them to apply webGL effects directly, would that be possible? any idea?

Two ideas for HTML5 may be to use either OpenGLView to perform your own OpenGL render code (you could use BitmapData there to manipulate a canvas surface) or maybe DOMSprite if you do -Ddom to use completely custom DOM code, but for now, perhaps GL view would be a better place to start if custom shaders isn’t enough?

I think that DOMSprite is easier than perform my own OpenGL render code ?, where can I find an example about using DOMSprite with -Ddom ?

As for custom shaders, I only could change the color of sprites, but could not do any glow effect, unless you have a simple example to do so?

The DOMSprite object works similar to a Sprite, but takes an HTML5 DOM element in the constructor, which is placed within the OpenFL display list hierarchy, so it means you could do ordinary Haxe/JS mixed with other OpenFL objects.

I have not implemented glow in a shader before, but it looks like (reading some articles) it is a matter of implementing blur, but masked to apply only to certain objects or edges

I’ve got great answer based on openfl._internal.renderer.RenderSession which uses CanvasRenderContext

So, as I’ve got glow effect achieved via CanvasRenderContext , I still need to apply color transform to the answer above, I tried fillStyle of CanvasRenderContext but didn’t work, I also tried custom shaders but didn’t work also.

then, I thought I can use GLRenderContext to apply shaders on bitmap to achieve color transform effect as:

public override function __renderCanvas (renderSession:RenderSession):Void {

    var gl=;

but, is undefined, shall I add special flag other than -Dfdb when compiling? or shall I try something else?

Color transform works if you use bitmapData.draw, could you do that first to get the tint color you need?

I will check bitmapData.draw, but why is undefined? is it still not implemented?

When you use HTML5 -Dcanvas, it has a context property instead

I have tried -Ddom to work with DOMSprite, but the performance was very poor, so I think I will stick to bitmap.draw option, thanks