Accessing local photos and images on iOS, Android

Hello Fellow Developers

Is it possible to access local folders like Photos, Images, Documents on a mobile device?

I tried System.documentsDirectory and all of the available ones, but according to the logs it looks like these folders (directories) are sandboxed for every application. (ie documentsDirectory points to /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/{appid}/Documents/ on iOS)

I’m developing an app that should load on-device images, and I’m in the need of accessing the photos and images on the device. The app is a basic image editor with the possibility to load image files (works nicely on desktop). Initially I was looking for a file picker extension, but could not find anything that’s working on iOS and Android as well, so I wrote my own directory listing classes, but I have no idea how to access on-device files.

My assumption that this is currently not possible with the available APIs without jailbreaking the device, but I figured I’d ask anyway, maybe there’s a way someone knows about.

If someone can point me to a working, well-maintained file picker extension, I’d appreciate that as well.