About new version openfl

Hallo community, i have any question about use new version of openfl.

until now, i have made 2 games using openfl 2. and now i heard new technology of openfl 3 and i ready to migrate to it.

but i worried if use openfl 3, some extension can’t run perfectly. for ex: admob, google play services and other.

is that true ?

OpenFL 3 don’t have native extension capability yet (Joshua is rethinking it to make it integrate better with SDL2), you better off stick with legacy OpenFL if you still need it. Or maybe try Hybrid mode (?).

EDIT: After thinking about it more, I guess you could always go through cpp and call jni from there (assuming you update/create your extension). AFAIK so far only JNI is being deprecated (for now?) but I think you still can use cpp route.

OpenFL 3 has -Dlegacy so that you are not forced to move too quickly, Android extension support is still improving in Lime 2 :slight_smile: