About Enhance FGL or separate extensions. I need independent opinions

Hi everyone,

I’m in the process to update a few games I made with Flixel 3.6.1 to latest so I’m also updating openfl. I was using some old extensions that work fine they seem abandoned. So probably I will need to update them myself.

I was using extensions for:
Admob with mediation. https://github.com/man2/extension-admob

Google play game services (Leaderboards and achievements) https://github.com/HaxeExtension/extension-googleplaygames

Share https://github.com/HaxeExtension/extension-share

Google analytics https://github.com/emibap/GAnalytics

I would also like to add support to Firebase and notifications.

I was reading that this can be easier using Enhance FGL but I don’t trust the process of uploading the app to be injected and It seems strange to me that all this is offered for free.

TLDR: I would like to have opinions and experiences about Enhance FGL to know if it is really better and if someone knows how their free model can be sustained in the future.

Maybe you should ask in https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/

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From the FAQ:

How does Enhance make money?

We have deals with the service providers so that we make money when apps implement their services through Enhance. This is a win all around as developers and publishers are not charged to use Enhance and service providers get a chance to have their services implemented easily.

They might also take a small part of ad revenue, but I could be mistaken

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I used their service last year for all my games. It is easy/quick and can solve a lot of problems (firebase+admob+notifications…)
The base service is free, only when your game is getting good retention numbers they might ask you if you want to start a partnership with them, then you share revenue for the extra service/work they do.
Its an old/reliable company since the good old flash days and i would recommend to give it a try.

Im sure @RozekEnhance can answer all the details.

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Hi guys!
Thank you for looping me in @Vega!

So to answer some of your questions and concerns… Yes you can trust us. While Enhance is a separate company, we did spawn from FGL, who have been around for over 10 years and continue to help developers be successful. We have worked hard over the years to build developer trust and with well over 50k devs having used FGL, we don’t want to ruin any reputation.

We support a wide variety of networks, analytics providers and other services.
Lets say, worst case scenario, we disappear tomorrow… Your “Enhanced” app doesn’t have anything “Enhance” in it. Once it goes through our platform only the services you choose are integrated. The only thing that you would have to worry about (if we disappeared) is when its time to update an SDK and we aren’t around, you will have to remove Enhance from your code and manually integrate the services like you would if you did not use Enhance.

How do we make money? Like mentioned earlier, we work with service providers to bring you this service. I want to make it clear that Enhance does not take ANY of your earnings nor are your earnings affected by the deals we have with the service providers. Your income is exactly what you earn nothing is touched.

Our service is 100% free.

I hope I have answered some of your questions. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Here is a link to Enhance : https://goo.gl/wbjS6q
Take a look around!


Thanks for all the comments!

I will use enhance after I finish updating my game to latest HaxeFlixel.

I’m really interested in using Enhance, but I’m stuck using an old version of OpenFL (3.6.1) & Lime (2.9.1)

Does anyone know if Enhance will work ok with these old versions?

Ill look into that and get right back with you!

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Here is your answer…

YES. Enhance will work with those versions.

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Thank you Rozek, that’s brilliant news!

OpenFL extensions have always been a major nightmare for me, hopefully Enhance can ease my pain.

One more question, I need push notifications but all of your services are Android only. Do you have plans for iOS and if so when?

Push notifications for iOS are on the roadmap. Just don’t have a when right now.